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Bitcoin helped me find the love of my life

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet
Bitcoin helped me find the love of my life

Just saw a post here saying that BTC only makes you attractive to thieves and scammers. This hasn't been my experience at all! I truly love Bitcoin & blockchain technology, and I was even able to get a job connected with it. Also, for me, it’s essential that my girlfriend shares my interests. Whenever I would meet new girls, I always used to test them. (pls, don’t think I’m crazy) Here how I would do it: I would begin by asking the girl if she knows anything about blockchain and Btc. If she said yes or she is interested in it, then I would ask her on another date. The way I met my fiancee is somewhat related. I met her at my friend’s birthday party. We chatted a lot about the blockchain. Then we went for a date and I started asking her more in depth questions. Everything was brilliant, she was smart and beautiful. But the moment I fell in love with her was when she sent me a screenshot of the price of BTC on coin360! I wasn't aware at that time that she was so in the know. So in my case, BTC helped me find the love of my life, and we’re getting married in April.

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